Video: Another Large Fire at Old Buckingham in Midlothian Editor Rhett Fleitz

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Updated: 1520 hours to include the videos below.

I remember when Old Buckingham Station burned the first time… I slept through it.

I was a volunteer firefighter for the Midlothian Volunteer Fire Department. My pager was in my room but I was sleeping downstairs because my brother was on leave from the military. Here is a link to the first Old Buckingham fire (.pdf on the fire)

I missed one of the largest fires I would ever have the opportunity to go on. As it ends up, I skipped school and helped with the wetting down after most of the fire was out.

That fire was a fiasco. Not on the operations side, but all of the litigation and finger pointing on building construction afterwards.

When Old Buckingham Station burned the second time, I was there. The fire wasn’t as massive…luckily. I have photos of that fire around here somewhere.

This morning, there was another fire at Old Buckingham Station Apartments in Midlothian. There are reports that this was a 2, 3, or 4 alarm fire.

Links to coverage:

A two-alarm fire destroyed a number of units at a Midlothian apartment complex today shortly before dawn. Credit: MARK GORMUS/TIMES-DISPATCH

Here is a video shot through the woods.

Video 1 from WRIC link

Video 2 from WRIC link

Video From CBS 6

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