Apparatus Profile – Fairfax County Station 15 – Chantilly

Apparatus Profile – Fairfax County Station 15 – Chantilly

By Mike Sanders

The Chantilly Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1947 and prior to becoming an “official” station of Fairfax County, was sponsored by the Herndon Volunteer Fire Department.  Located just off of Route 50 in the Chantilly area and close to Washington Dulles International Airport, the original apparatus was painted red, followed by white, and then a return to red and white when volunteer operations were turned over to the county in 1971.

A handful of years after being established, Chantilly’s apparatus were painted white. This is an impressive 1951 Ford Big Job built by American and equipped with a 500/500.

Station 15 has always run an engine company and EMS unit (ambulance/medic).  Early engines purchased by the volunteers were built on commercial cabs, including International’s and a Ford Big Job.  Fairfax County has assigned a variety of engines to Chantilly, including an American LaFrance, Seagrave’s, Duplex/3D Metal, and E-Ones.  At one time, an E-One equipped with a 54’ Squrt was assigned as Engine 15.

Chantilly’s first ladder truck, a county owned 1964 Seagrave 85’ midship equipped with a 300 gpm pump and a 150 gallon water tank. This Seagrave was assigned to Station 15 in 1975.

In addition to the engine’s assigned to Station 15, brush trucks, specialty units, and also ladder trucks have been a part of the apparatus roster at Chantilly.  Ladder trucks first ran at Chantilly in 1975 when Fairfax County assigned a 1964 Seagrave 85’ midship as Truck 15.  Ladder truck operations ended at Chantilly in 1986 when Truck 15 was transferred to Station 21 (Fair Oaks).  However, in late 1989, Truck 15 was re-established, only to transfer yet again in 1995 when Truck 38 in West Centreville was established.

Today, Engine 415 is a 2010 Pierce Velocity 1250/750/40.

Today, Station 15 operates an engine company, medic unit, brush truck, a mass casualty support unit, and a gator unit.  Engine 15 is a newer 2010 Pierce Velocity equipped with a 1250gpm pump, 750 gallons of water, and 40 gallons of foam.  Fairfax County operates numerous Freightliner M2 monster medic units.  Medic 415 is a 2006 model built by American LaFrance (Medic Master).  Brush 415 is a 2003 Ford F350 equipped with a 250 gpm pump and carries 150 gallons of water.  Finally, Mass Casualty Support Unit 415 is a 2004 GMC/Mickey Truck Bodies.

Brush 415 – a 2003 Ford F350 equipped with a 250/150.

I found myself in Chantilly recently for work and had an opportunity to visit the station.  It has been a number of years since I have had that opportunity.  My thanks to the shift working on June 15th for their time and effort moving the apparatus for photographs.

Mass Casualty Support Unit 415 is assigned this 2004 GMC/Mickey Truck Bodies.

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    A correction to your apparatus profile of Chantillt/ FS15 Fairfax County. I was assigned there in 1977. We ran a 1965 GMC Heavy Squad, a Oren-Mack engine, & Chevy Carryall ambulane. The former Trk2 did not come until 1979, it was repainted in 1981. In 1983 we then got former Trk28 1963 Maxum. In 1989 wo got former Trk10 Seagrave 100’tiller. Engines included a IHC custom”White Elephant”, 1975 Seagrave”Second Hand Rose”,& many reserves such as an open cab Segrave & an open cab LaFrance. Many different Ambulances as well.

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