New Delivery – KME Emporia VFD Engine 32


The Emporia Volunteer Fire Dept. serves the City of Emporia as well as the majority of rural Greensville County Virginia.  The city is located at the crossroads of southeastern Virginia with U.S. Highway 58 passing thru the locality from the east and west and I-95 / U.S. 301 from the north and south.  The volunteer fire department provides both fire suppression and extrication services for these major thoroughfares as well as the remainder of the city and county as well as mutual aid areas in neighboring Southampton, Sussex, and Brunswick counties.

To better serve this mission, the department has recently taken delivery of a new KME pumper tanker apparatus has some unique features to make the job easier for the volunteers. The KME Predator Panther Long Four Door custom cab and chassis drive train consist of a Cummins ISL 450 horsepower engine and an Allison EVS4000 series automatic transmission with heavy duty 1810 series drive line system.   The KME cab which is third party tested and certified to the latest ECE integrity and crash standards, is designed to be the safest and highest tested cab in the fire industry to date.  The seating provides for six firefighters with five SCBA seats and body fender compartments for up to eleven spare air cylinders.

The pumping system consist of a Waterous Model CSU 2250 GPM pump that is U.L. certified at 1750 GPM for years of use.  To provide intake water to the pump, there is a 6” intake on each side as well as at the front bumper area.  For maximizing the flow from the on board 1250 gallon water tank, there is a 4” high capacity tank to pump piping with electrically controlled Akron 4” ball valve.  Multiple front bumper, side, and rear discharges are provided as well as three vertically stacked 2” speedlays with pull-out hose packing trays for ease of reloading.  An Akron “Apollo Hi-Riser” deck gun is provided on the top side deck gun piping with a compliment of automatic and straight bore tip nozzles and a portable ground base.

To provide protection for the pump panel instrumentation and controls as well as to make cleaning the apparatus easier, both sides of the pump house are fully enclosed modules with ROM roll-up doors as the other side compartments on the body are.

The apparatus has a 1250 gallon water tank as well as a 40 gallon Class-A foam tank and a Class-B foam tank system.  The foam tanks will supply the Foam Pro Model 3012 high capacity A/B electronic injection foam system with foam concentrates from permitting the unit to have five preconnect discharges foam or water capable for general firefighting as well as on Class B hydrocarbon and polar solvent fuels.

A high output warning system is provided on the unit for ultimate protection while responding and while on the scene.  The Whelen LED upper and lower light bar system as well as an LED Rota-Ray light on the cab grille area provide maximum low current draw lighting.  As for audible alerting equipment, there is a Whelen electronic siren, Federal Q2B mechanical siren and Hadley “Emergency” air horns.

For enhanced scene illumination, there are two Fire Research Evolution 150 watt LED 12 volt “brow” lights mounted on the front roof area of the cab, a 9000 watt Wilburt light tower mounted on the cab roof, and four (4) 1500 watt semi-recessed flood lights in the sides of the primary hose bed.  For remote electrical operations, there is a Hannay 200 foot electric rewind booster reel with junction box.  The A.C. lighting on the vehicle is powered by way of a Harrison 15,000 watt hydraulic generator system.

Large firefighting items such as the ground ladders, pike poles, hard suction hoses are all stored within the body and hose bed area for ease of access as well as for added environmental protection.  The enclosed body compartments afford approximately 250 cubic feet of storage space.  The full width primary hose bed design affords storage for a minimum of 1500 feet of 5” supply line and 500 feet of 3” hose with a “hose bed to ground” dimension of only 91” for ease of access.

The apparatus is designed to be a “war wagon” in the fire department’s arsenal of fire apparatus and will soon be joined by a KME 2000 gallon elliptical tanker for added water support in the rural areas of the county.

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