Video: Loudoun County Fast Moving Fire Displaces 10 and Injures 3 Firefighters

Photo Courtesy/James Conlon A house fire in South Riding on Saturday spread through four homes on Nicklaus Lane. Ten people from two homes were displaced and three firefighters suffered minor injuries while battling the blaze. The four homes affected sustained $1 million in damage. The fire started when overheated oil in a container was placed inside a garage and left unattended.

Ten people in South Riding were displaced from their homes and three firefighters were injured Saturday after a fire swept through four homes on Nicklaus Lane.

The 4:49 p.m. fire, which began in a home at 43341 Nicklaus Lane, caused an estimated $1 million in damage, according to Mary Maguire, public affairs officer for Loudoun Fire-Rescue Services. also has this story here

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2 Responses

  • Jacob Tharpe says:

    I would like to say that the vol. Firefighters that helped that day are some very courages fire fighters who do this for no pay! One fire fighter I would like to mention is Michael Vroom, he just happens to be my little brother and I couldn’t be more proud of him and engine company 6 even if they weren’t at this fire they are still some of the bravest men and women i know! They do this job at no pay because they love to help people in need!! Ever fire fighter deserves metals of honor for the unconditional desire to save lives of people they don’t even know, and they do it with pride!! God bless them all and Michael if you were there that I am so thankful you didn’t get hurt!! Again God bless all the volunteers
    And carrer fire fighters who risk their lives for strangers and at any cost to them selves!!

  • Ebadi Family says:

    Hi Jacob,

    I used to live in that house, I really would like to thank every fire fighter that showed up. I feel as if they’re all angels and we all should thank them at every opportunity we get. God bless your brother Mike, Please tell him the ebadi family said Hi and thank you for what he does!

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