A Day to Remember. April 16th. LODD Kyle Wilson and the Virginia Tech Massacre

This day in 2007 started out as any other, yet early in the day it would change and then quickly change again. I was working that day and remember hearing of a LODD in Northern Virginia. Just as I began looking for news on the Line of Duty Death, we heard of a shooting at Virginia Tech. VT is 45 minutes from Roanoke, we ended up sending an ambulance and our Rescue Supervisor to the scene. In the end, it would be the deadliest shooting on US soil, and the LODD would be unfortunately kept from the main stream media.

Kyle Wilson was his name. His name resonates across Virginia and beyond. He has not been forgotten. Even though the main stream media missed the story due to the shootings at Virginia Tech, the fire service did not miss it. As a matter of fact, the news of Kyle Wilson’s death was one of the most read stories on VAFireNews.com at the time.

Unfortunately, the original pages for both Kyle Wilson’s death and the VT shootings were lost when we updated the site several years ago.

I have dug out some of the photos of the day and shared them here.

STATter911.com also has a story on Kyle Wilson here.

Other links:

Read Prince William County report into the death of Firefighter Wilson

Mike Ward at Firegeezer on the fire service impact of Kyle Wilson’s death

Fifth Annual Kyle Wilson 10K Walk for Fitness


Kyle Wilson’s death led to many changes how we fight fire, identify hazards, and understand building construction and fire spread.

Virginia Tech Massacre

We also remember the 32 victims of the Virginia Tech Massacre not including the gunman who also killed himself.

More information on the shootings are here

The Virginia Tech Rescue Squad, Blacksburg FD, Christiansburg Rescue Squad and Fire Departments responded as well as many other departments. They rose above the incident of the day and were able to handle it successfully. Lest we forget about all of the law enforcement there that day who also responded to this heinous act!

The VT massacre led to massive changes in the way campus’ are alerted to incidents.

We Remember

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