City of Alexandria Fire Department Orders Four CustomFIRE Pumpers

City of Alexandria Fire Department, VA, Orders Four CustomFIRE Pumpers

RedStorm is pleased to announce that we have received an order from the City of Alexandria Fire Department, Va., for four CustomFIRE pumpers.  The order is the first under a multi-year agreement for 2,000-gpm CustomFIRE pumpers.  The contract is considered a Washington Metropolitan Area Council of Governments (COG) purchasing contract and can be utilized by other departments and jurisdictions.  The City of Alexandria F.D. is a new customer for RedStorm and CustomFIRE, and the four units are scheduled to be delivered in Fall 2012.

“The City of Alexandria conducted a competitive Invitation To Bid (ITB) process to ensure the best value for the department in determining the successful bidder.  The combination of exceptional quality, customized design and affordability provided by the CustomFIRE pumpers and RedStorm proved to be the winning combination,” said Jim Featherstone, RedStorm president.  “Moreover, the longevity of these stainless steel bodies and the easy repairability characteristics unique to Custom Fire’s concealed fastener construction method are attractive benefits in Alexandria’s demanding operational environment.”

The four pumpers are customized to meet the unique requirements of this high-run, urban department.  Each is built on a Spartan chassis with a raised roof, a cab extension, ruggedized interior and a best-in-class, front axle cramp angle for exceptional maneuverability.

“Spartan chassis offer exceptional interior room for the officer and crew, expansive visibility and industry-leading maneuverability, which is extremely important for responding safely, especially in many of Alexandria’s historic areas,” explained Featherstone.

The pumpers feature a 2,000-gpm Hale Q-Max pump, FoamPro 2002 foam system with Class A and B capability, 750-gallon poly water tank and 100-gallon foam capacity.  The design incorporates a compact body length, low hosebed height for easy access, preconnects on the bumper and at the rear, and a large-diameter suction at the rear.  The apparatus bodies, pump module, water tank cradle and underbody supports are all stainless steel for enhanced corrosion resistance.  In addition, the pumpers are designed so that they are able to fit the unique space constraints associated with several historic Alexandria fire stations.

City of Alexandria Fire Department
Located just outside Washington D.C., the City of Alexandria Fire Department provides comprehensive fire and emergency medical services in a 15-square-mile metropolitan area.  Founded in 1774, this historic department counts George Washington among its early members. Today, the department employs more than 250 professional personnel, which include firefighters, paramedics, fire prevention staff and administrative support, responding from nine stations to more than 18,000 calls annually.

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