Video: Roanoke Regional Recruit School #15 Family Day

By Editor Rhett Fleitz

The video is below

Today at work, my crew had the fortune of heading out to Family Day at the Roanoke Regional Training Center. Recruit Class #15 is two weeks into their recruit school and invited their families out to learn about what they will be going through during their recruit process.

The recruits are from Roanoke (City) Fire-EMS, Roanoke County Fire-EMS, and Salem Fire-EMS.

The interesting thing for me is that myself and Lt. Travis Simmons (Roanoke City training lead) were in the same recruit class just over 13 years ago. Our recruit class was also #15 (they began renumbering after the joint fire school with the County and Salem). However, we did have one recruit from Salem in our class.

Another interesting thing to note is that we were the first and only fast-track recruit school. However, instead of cutting corners and us missing out on training, we attended recruit school 6 days a week and often had 12 hour days. I am not making this up.

Tonight, the Chiefs from the respective departments spoke to the recruits and their families. I only wish I had a moment to speak to the entire class!

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