Virginia Firefighter Wins MN8-Foxfire T-Shirt Design Contest

Fredericksburg Firefighter Donald Wedding won a National contest to design the new MN8 FoxFire t-shirt. His winning design was on display at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis this past week.

Read the entire announcement on MN8 FoxFire’s blog.

You can purchase the shirt and other MN8 FoxFire Products here

The design was created by Donald Wedding, a career firefighter for the City of Fredericksburg, Virginia; currently assigned to Ladder 1. He is also a technician with the Falmouth Volunteer Fireman’s Association located in South Stafford, Va.

Following in the footsteps of his older brother, dad and grandfather, Donald (Donnie) is a third generation firefighter with 17 years of experience. He is also a certified Instructor 3 for the Virginia Dept. of Fire Programs, teaching locally and throughout the state.

Art is another one of Donald’s passions. At an early age, Donnie was enrolled in special arts programs. After he became a volunteer firefigher, his artistic abilities were quickly noticed. He helps create patches and logos for fire departments throughout the country. To contact Donnie about artwork, email him at

About MN8 Foxfire:

MN8® Products — A leading developer of illuminating products

MN8-Foxfire is a firefighter owned company that develops, markets and sells revolutionary photoluminescent coatings and products that provide illumination for several hours and stay visible in complete darkness for up to 17 hours. Our products will charge in just a few minutes from any light source and can be recharged indefinitely. As a result, there is no need for any external battery, electrical, or energy source other than light.

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