Campbell County: Concord Volunteers Purchase Fully-Equipped E-One Rescue

Several years ago, the Concord Volunteer Fire Department, located on Route 460 in Campbell County, indentified a need for a second pumper to supplement their fleet.  After searching the internet for available apparatus, they there were able to make contact with the Cranston Heights Volunteer Fire Department in Delaware, who was selling an E-One pumper that was in excellent condition.  The deal went through, and a new relationship was established between the two departments.

Fast forward to 2012, and the Concord volunteers were contacted by the CHVFD.  It seems that Cranston Heights was preparing to take delivery of a massive new Pierce heavy rescue, and the E-One rescue that they currently had was available for purchase, and they were giving Concord a chance to purchase it – fully equipped.  Chief Stephen Spraker recognized that the price was far too good to pass up, and the deal between the two departments was quickly sealed, and the E-One was on it’s way to Virginia.

One of the first tasks was to repaint and stripe the solid-white rig to match the white-over-red paint scheme that CVFD employs on its fleet.  After the rig was painted, striped, and lettered, it was able to go into service fairly quickly after familiarization and driver’s training with the members was complete.

So what does a “fully equipped” rig come with?  Sure, it depends on who’s selling it, but in this case, the it came with just about everything:

  • A 300GPM pump with 500 gallons of water
  • 9000W Will-Burt Light tower
  • Full Hurst low-pressure hydraulic extrication tool set
  • Full high-pressure air bag set
  • High-angle rescue equipment
  • Switftwater Rescue Equipment
  • 6-Bottle, 6000PSI air cascade fitted to fill both high and low pressure cylinders at the same time
  • Two Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • 30kW Onan generator
  • Two 200′ electric cord reels
  • One 100′ air reel

Rescue 13 replaced a converted 2-door beverage delivery truck which was sold to the Gladstone Volunteer Fire Department in Nelson County.

Many thanks to Chief Stephen Spraker for his help with information and photos.  He’s running a top-notch rural fire department that’s always been a pleasure to visit.

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