Augusta County Provides Career Staffing and Ambulances at Two Fire Stations

Katie Currid image from The News Leader, showing the new Riverheads ambulance and career members.

Several years ago, two volunteer EMS services in Augusta County agreed that they’d do something they’d never done before:  provide transport services from locations other than their home stations.

When the Augusta County government built the new Riverheads fire station in the Greenville area, the Staunton-Augusta Rescue Squad (SARS) agreed to staff an ambulance there, while the Waynesboro First Aid Crew (WFAC) agreed to do the same at the Preston L. Yancey Fire Company in Fishersville.

However, on January 1, Augusta County Fire-Rescue placed new career-staffed ambulances in service at these two fire stations, ending services that had previously been provided by SARS and WFAC.

The News Leader reports:

SARS last year ended its role in a joint ambulance service in Fishersville it ran with the Waynesboro First Aid Crew. And Waynesboro First Aid last month ended its part of the agreement at the Preston L. Yancey Fire Department.

Anyone needing an ambulance shouldn’t notice a difference, since Augusta County Fire-Rescue now has its own ambulance and rescue personnel to replace the service that the urban squads operated out of Greenville and Fishersville.

Read more about Augusta’s changes in staffing due to the 21-position SAFER grant they were awarded in 2012:   Augusta takes over rescue at 2 stations | The News Leader |

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