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Taylor poses with his dad’s 1983 Mack CF prior to it’s restoration.


Taylor Goodman

In October 2012, Taylor purchased and assumed the role of editor and webmaster from Rhett Fleitz.  Rhett began VAFireNews.com in August of 2006 after realizing the need for a Statewide Fire/EMS/Rescue website. After having visited North Carolina’s website (Firenews.net) and South Carolina’s website (SConfire.com) several hundred times to see what was going on in those States, Rhett finally decided to take the plunge and began Virginia’s Premiere Fire And EMS News Site.  As Rhett became more involved with hisFireCritic.com website, he found that he wasn’t able to dedicate the time to the VAFireNews.com website that he once was, and made the decision to sell the site to Taylor.

Prior to assuming control of the VAFireNews.com website, Taylor had spent several years maintaining his own site, VirginiaFirePix.com.  The VirginiaFirePix site is used to show case his photography across the state, along with keeping readers informed of apparatus news & information from across the Commonwealth.  Taylor’s also written for the Fire & EMS Virginia magazine (formerly Virginia Fire News magazine) since the mid 1990′s and continues to support Jerry Puryear, FEV publisher, in his endeavors.

Taylor’s full-time employment is as a lieutenant (company officer) with the Henrico County Division of Fire.  He’s also a life member and current assistant chief of the Huguenot Volunteer Fire Department in Powhatan County.  During his tenure in the fire service, he’s also served as a firefighter with the Henry VFD in Hanover County and the Bowling Green VFD in Caroline County.  His enthusiasm for “all things fire apparatus” has led him to serve on the apparatus committees for both of his current departments for a combined 15 years, where he’s either directly or indirectly specified over 40 pieces of fire apparatus.

Information and photos for the site and gleaned not only from multiple internet sources, but also through station visits, attending trade shows, and friends and co-workers from across the Commonwealth.  Taylor travels all corners of the state on a regular basis, and commands an understanding of what makes the Virginia fire service excel from busy Northern Virginia to the coast to the mountains of Southwest Virginia.  Being able to talk and share with firefighters from across the in a face-to-face manner bring a unique style to the site.

The overall appearance of VAFireNews.com has changed a couple of times since its debut on the internet. It is updated regularly, and new areas are added frequently. The organization and appearance are frequently fine tuned to bring you a site which is easy to look at and well defined. Comments and constructive criticism are welcome and readers usually get what they want.

If you would like to contact Taylor, please email him at editor@vafirenews.com.  Thanks for checking us out!

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